The Stalwarts of Event Management: Part-1

The Easyfairs Group


Events take place all over the world on a daily basis. They are crucial to networking and working with people to progress yourself in the corporate world. As essential as they are to your progress, good events are also one of the hardest to organize. They take many contacts, long hours and excellent efforts to organize. This is where Easyfairs comes in. Easyfairs is one of Europe’s leading event management companies. Easyfairs works with the best corporate brands in the world to bring the best of the event world to their doorsteps. With Easyfairs, you can hold an event in 14 countries across Europe in the venue of your choice. It is tough to find a company with these many venues and choices under their belt – this makes Easyfairs one of the go-to companies in the industry.

Easyfairs has a humble beginning in 1988 with small students fair in Europe – this is where the company can be traced back in the timeline. The student fair was a huge success, which paved the way for the formation of Easyfairs in 2004. With the creation of a formal company, the brand started the expansion throughout Europe. During this period, the journey of a similar player- Artexis began. Artexis or the Art of Exhibition was founded in a similar way in 1997. This was just a few years before the formal formation of Easyfairs. Easyfairs is an event management company that stands out. This is due to the founder and the current CEO of Easyfairs, Eric Everard. Easyfairs is headquartered in Brussels but works on a pan-Europe model. They have 20 offices across Europe which help them work with their clients anywhere in Europe. To make work easier for Easyfairs, the company is split into five regional hubs. This allows them to operate across country lines in Europe. These five regional hubs are England, Netherlands, Belgium, Dach and Nordic.

There are five specific reasons why Easyfairs stands out and is in the top 20 event management companies in the world. Let’s have a look at what helps them set themselves apart from the competition in the event management industry.

  1. Customer Centricity: Easyfairs works with a customer-centric policy and attitude. They aim to give their customers a great experience. They work on making things easier for their customers by taking off as much burden as possible from the customers. They study the needs of their customers intricately before serving them which makes them a great fit for the event.
  2. Making Things Easy: Easyfairs constantly works on making things easier for their customers. They want to provide their customers with the convenience of making an event successful. They curate an experience for their customers to ensure that they can enjoy the event and its process. They strive to make things easy for the customers.
  3. State of the Art Approach: Easyfairs not only depend on making things easier but also use the best technology to make events successful and scalable. With such a balanced approach they can hold events with comparative ease without having to worry about too many factors. They use the experience gained from one event for the next to make it better than the previous one.
  4. The Pool of Best Talents: Easyfairs works on getting the best talent under their belt. Hiring is one of the priorities for Easyfairs where they aren’t shy of going the extra mile to find the perfect candidate. They work on a talent-centric methodology that helps them stay in a customer-centric pathway. They go the extra mile to retain the talent, which in turn, helps grow customers.
  5. Technology & Use of Data: Easyfairs is one of the earliest event management companies to adopt the technology which is widely used today. This has helped them stay ahead of the curve and use data to the benefit of their customers. By leveraging technology and data to their advantage, they make things easier for their customers.

Easyfairs even help their customers with a wide range of events. Some of the types of events that they help their customers with are:

  1. Trade shows: These are the shows where their customers can showcase their products and services to the guests physically in person. These are mainly used for raising awareness about the company as well as to introduce any new products/services.
  2. Seminars: Seminars are corporate events wherein several speakers speak to the audience about a pre-decided topic. These are mainly held to discuss industry-specific issues and to derive probable solutions.
  3. Conferences: Conferences are quite similar to seminars but offer a bit more interaction among the audience themselves. Like seminars, their purpose is also to discuss industry-related issues and solutions.
  4. Exhibitions: Exhibitions are held to showcase products that are being offered by a company to its customers. These are mainly conducted to raise awareness about a new product/service which is recently introduced in the market.

These cover most of the events that their corporate customers require. With their ability to service their customers across these events, they ensure a high rate of customer retention. This is further enhanced with their customer-centric approach and management. Let’s have a look at some of the most successful events that Easyfairs has organized in the past:

  • Heroes: Heroes is a network of events that is based on science fiction, comics as well as fantasy. These events are held for fans belonging to this specific genre and often attract a large crowd due to their rising popularity in the last few years.
  • School Education Transformation Technology: One of the most popular events in Sweden. This event is known for the showcasing of new technology which can be used to further enhance the quality of education for the betterment of students and their future.
  • PLD Paris: PLD Paris is a very well-known event among the premium drink makers of Paris. This event is focused on a particular group of audience and primarily held for showcasing different packaging options.

So, if you are looking to hold a successful corporate event, Easyfairs must be on top of your list to organize the event for you. The best thing about Easyfairs is that they take care of everything for you to make your event as grand and successful as possible.