The Stalwarts of Event Management: Part-5 DMG EVENTS


Dmg Events is part of the well-known media giant- Daily Mail and General Trust plc (DMGT), which brings about more than eighty market-leading exhibitions and thought-provoking publications from diverse industries. The company was founded in 1989 and has its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. Since then, it has been undertaking operations in Saudi, Egypt, Singapore, Canada, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. It has ten offices worldwide, attracting more than 450,000 visitors from 150 countries to its exhibitions every year. Dmg events has conducted 1200 workshops to date, hosting over 300 illustrious individuals and cultivating professionals from different fields such as Hospitality, Construction, Coating, Interiors, etc.

What Do They Do?

Dmg events aim to help businesses advance and grow. They host live events and shows to bring about new opportunities and facilitate interaction with one another. They encourage the exchange of ideas – They have a progressive approach to new ideas and are open to innovations as they believe in keeping up with the latest trends. Their approach to business has mutually beneficial long-term partnerships, ensuring that their customers benefit from the exchange. Customer’s needs, requirements, and satisfaction are right at the top of their priority list. DMG is customer-driven and that’s why their entire focus is on customer satisfaction. They help their customers navigate through the challenges in a structured manner. DMG then analyzes the bottlenecks and provides tailor-made solutions that benefit and advance the customer’s business through focus groups and advisory panels.


Dmg has been coordinating and organizing events for more than three decades now. The purpose behind each of these events is to ensure that each customer’s requirements and desires are met to the fullest. In this way, DMG has been helping the customers build invaluable connections worldwide. 

Their expertise has helped advance more than 21000 companies across the globe. They engage in multiple platforms, including social media, television networks, print media, and various other outreach platforms.

Services Offered

The events hosted by DMG help curate communities, connect professionals, open them up to new opportunities, and help businesses navigate the challenging market smoothly. It is done through various modes of free training modules that boost key exhibitor’s skills, all delivered through a combination of workshops, presentations and webinars. Free marketing opportunities give the businesses an edge that helps boost footfall to their stands with well-targeted promotions and Lead Trial – an app developed to gather new sales opportunities and contacts faster than the traditional methods. These include educational content that enables their audiences to address the topics that matter to them the most. Thought-provoking publications keep them informed about industry trends and networking events that bring people together to network and discover new business opportunities.

Why Makes Them Unique?

Dmg events is driven by consistent innovations that help them foster growth, talent and product development across various international platforms and businesses through steady entrepreneurial efforts. An active and regular portfolio management system reflects the investment philosophy and keeps the company updated with advanced market opportunities. A devolved and diversified group structure gives the businesses the liberty within a well-managed and well-structured framework that ensures a continuous relationship with their customers. A family-ownership dynamic allows DMGT to constantly adapt and innovate, enabling them to take business risks and make crucial long-term investment decisions. Their well-structured mechanism provides customers with the critical news and entertainment, analysis, data, and information they require in any form they need that can be trusted entirely.

Flagship Events

It’s the magnanimity of their events with ADIPEC, The Big 5, Gastech, The Hotel Show and INDEX, that attracts some of the world’s largest brands and companies to collaborate with them. Owing to this consistent quality, they have earned a well-deserved reputation for themselves in the international markets. They even have their widespread presence across all major social media platforms. Expert speakers who are at the leadership level in their respective industry verticals are invited to talk at carefully curated conferences. People can participate in trained conferences, technical seminars, workshops, and live demonstrations, which allows them to not only brush up their skills but also gain knowledge on industry-specific challenges and the latest trends. They also conduct many programs for the welfare of young talents and encourage them to grow by introducing them to their choice of subjects.

Entities That They Partner With For Hosting Their Events

Dmg events partner with the government, agents, media business councils, expert agencies, suppliers, and the local communities to carry out their events smoothly and hassle-free.

Feedback From Some Of The Companies that worked with DMG 

Nasser Obeid, the Managing Director of Johnson Health Tech, Middle East said that the lead generation application that the dmg events provided was highly beneficial to their business growth and pledged to opt for their services again.

Jamal Bin Marghoob, the Director of Marketing and Corporate Communication for DAFZ, stated that dmg provides an excellent platform for companies to network with exhibitors, visitors, practitioners, and experts. IT not only accelerated the development of Dubai as well as the UAE through the Big 5 but also helped Freezone grow tremendously.

Giving Back To The Community 

They inspire their staff to participate in voluntary activities and take a proactive approach towards Corporate Social Responsibility. Giving back to the local community holds a substantial value for the company – whether it’s an annual fundraiser campaign or assisting a local charity event, giving back to the community holds very dear to their heart.

They conduct frequent wellness programs in the workplace to help their employees take care of their health, and hold seminars on physical and mental health-related topics to increase awareness and promote a healthy lifestyle among their employees. 

Way forward

Over the next five years, the company has plans to accelerate business through face-to-face events, focus more on industries that serve through advisory panels, grow their portfolio of adapted events and exhibitions, and creating more opportunities in the market. They also have plans in place to seek new opportunities for more joint venture partnerships and explore work possibilities to drive their events to new territories and get more technologically advanced to boost their growth as well as find new ways to give back to the communities. They also want to create a platform to provide exciting growth opportunities to young entrepreneurs and guide them through the dubious market challenges and hassles of running a business efficiently.