How to Create an Event Page on LinkedIn: A Step-by-Step Guide

LinkedIn has established itself as a powerful platform for professional networking and business-related activities. One of its valuable features is the ability to create and promote events. Hosting events on LinkedIn allows you to reach a targeted professional audience and boost attendance. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of creating an event page on LinkedIn to maximize its potential and ensure your event’s success.

Step 1: Accessing Your LinkedIn Page

Ensure you have an active LinkedIn account and access the LinkedIn Page associated with the organization hosting the event. You need admin access to the page to create an event.

Step 2: Click on “Create an Event”

On your LinkedIn Page’s home dashboard, look for the “Create an event” option. It might be located in different places depending on LinkedIn’s interface, but it is usually on the left-hand side, below the “Home” tab.

Step 3: Enter Event Details

Upon clicking “Create an event,” you’ll be redirected to the event creation page. Here, provide the following event details:

Event Title: Choose a clear and descriptive title.

Event Date and Time: Set the date and time of the event. If it spans multiple days, you can select the end date as well.

Event Location: Add the event’s physical location or select “Online event” for virtual events.

Event Description: Craft a compelling description that highlights the event’s purpose, agenda, and benefits of attending. Use relevant keywords for better visibility.

Step 4: Customize Event Logo and Banner

Upload a visually appealing event logo and banner that represent your event’s branding. The recommended banner size is 1192 (w) x 444 (h) pixels, and the logo size should be 300 (w) x 300 (h) pixels.

Step 5: Choose Event Visibility

LinkedIn offers two visibility options:

Public: Anyone on or off LinkedIn can find and attend the event.

Private: Only invited guests can access the event page and register.

Step 6: Add Event Speakers and Organizers

Highlight the event’s speakers and organizers to add credibility and attract attendees. You can tag their LinkedIn profiles to link their names directly to their profiles.

Step 7: Select Event Type and Category

Choose the appropriate event type and category from the provided options. This helps LinkedIn recommend your event to relevant users.

Step 8: Promote Event Hashtag

Create a unique event hashtag that participants can use when discussing the event on LinkedIn. This promotes engagement and creates a sense of community around your event.

Step 9: Publish the Event Page

Review all the details you’ve entered and click on the “Publish” button to make the event page live. Double-check for any errors or omissions before publishing.

Step 10: Share and Promote the Event

After publishing, start promoting your event to increase visibility and registrations. Share the event page on your LinkedIn Page, personal profile, and other relevant groups. Encourage speakers, organizers, and attendees to share the event with their networks as well.


Creating an event page on LinkedIn is a straightforward process that can significantly boost your event’s reach and engagement. By following this step-by-step guide and leveraging LinkedIn’s professional network, you can attract the right audience, maximize event attendance, and achieve your event’s objectives successfully.