Over the years, the number of writers, authors, and bloggers has increased significantly. Some bloggers earn through freelancing sites, while others try to run their website. Several companies hire bloggers to write promotional content such as blogs, articles and social media posts for them. It is one of the many ways to expand the reach and eventually upscale the business.  However, what lacks here is the awareness of the existence of these businesses. In simple words, a promotional venture is the main requirement for more clients to pour in. To do that, businesses must have carved out a well-established social media presence for themselves. By social media presence, we do not mean just a certain number of followers and connections. By social media presence, we suggest a good reach and excellent consistency. While consistency is achievable, the ‘good reach’ factor is variable. If you opt for organic growth, it may take you years to expand your reach. But, if you are smart enough, you can let us handle that for you!

Exhibitors Voice provides excellent services that help clients market their products or services through our website and digital pages. Our clients can expand their reach through us and get potential business customers for themselves. Our blog page is carefully curated with all the necessary information required for any prospective customer. The contributors are open to suggest new blog ideas related to B2B marketing and exhibiting. The platform also gives the user an option to comment on the blog, thus making the site interactive.

An important aspect to make a note of here is, we make well-thought decisions on ‘WHOM’ to do business with. Since we provide excellent promotional services, we are careful when deciding what goes onto our blog page. Although we encourage creativity, we do have certain defined protocols that one must abide to, while submitting blogs for publication.

 How to contribute to Exhibitors Voice blog?

 If you wish to contribute to the Exhibitors Voice Blog, you are most welcome. We cater to several nuances of the B2B sector. The procedure to publish the article is straightforward. All you need to do is to go to the Publish Article tab of the site. Enter your email, the Industry you want to discuss, the Offer price per post, and the content. To get a positive response to your article submission, you must strictly adhere to our guidelines. It is carefully curated to provide the best experience to our target audience.

Make sure to follow the following points during submissions:

Proofreading: It is the language and the flow of an article that catches the eye. While we encourage our contributors to be as creative as possible, we are strict regarding vocabulary, spellings, and grammar. All the submitted articles are evaluated for incorrect grammar and relevancy. The contributors must thoroughly go through the written content and rectify their mistakes before submission.

Industry relevance: Exhibitors Voice blog gives enormous importance to the articles’ significance concerning the B2B sector they are targeting. Anything unrelated to the topic willcertainly be discarded.

Plagiarism: We strive to provide original content that serves the needs of our customers. Our team will carefully run plagiarism checks using high-end software on every submission to ensure there is no plagiarism in any of the submissions. Any plagiarized article will be rejected.

Graphics:  We welcome the use of pictorial illustrations, tables and flow charts to make the information more aesthetic and easy to understand.

If your article meets the above guidelines, your contribution will be made live on our blog page for the worldwide audience.

How to contribute to our blog page?

 To make your blogs live on our website, you must write some unique and quality content. To ease things for you, here are some strategies. You can follow the procedures below to make the blog more aligned and more comprehensive with the requirements of the B2B industry:

 Set clear goals: It is vital that your article is to the point and specific to the particular topic you want to address. Try not to divert from the topic. Remember, your target audience may not have the attention span you expect them to have. Cut the clutter and be as precise as possible. Retention is the key. Make your content catchy and unique. Just a glance should be enough to have it retained in the memory of the reader.

  1. Cater to the target audience: The Exhibitors Voice is a guide for B2B services worldwide. You must market your product in every possible way. Marketing has to be through well-crafted blogs, emails, webinars and banners. While it can take so many forms, it must not lose the essence. Whether you write an article of over thousand words or a banner of two lines, the message must be delivered efficiently in both the cases. The target is to cater to the relevant set of audience. Make sure that irrespective of the form of marketing, your writing seems meaningful to them.

  2. Quality content: Ensure that the articles are written in a manner that is easy to comprehend and serve the required purpose. You must opt for such a topic that interests your target audience. Never compromise on the quality of the content – the content much be rich in terms of information that is provided. Your target audience is well-informed, do not try to fool them with false data and information. The topic plays a vital role in luring your readers, for instance, you can write on top B2B healthcare event organizers, the top B2B event organizers in the Defence sector, tips and tricks to grow B2B marketing on social media, common kinds of B2B marketing events and so on.

Stick to these key points and your article will have the potential to pave way for excellent opportunities!

 Key Takeaway

Besides having articles, if you think you got the zeal to contribute to unique ideas and insightful opinions on the B2B industry, you are most welcome to share them on our blog. You can become an active part of the Exhibitors Voice community by subscribing to our blogs and volunteering yourself as a blogger. Rest assured, we will do the needful. Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority and we will do everything within our capacity to help you grow your business through our blogs and other services.