The Privacy Statement
Exhibitors Voice respects your privacy and believes in giving you your personal space. As an organization, the main agenda is to protect your data, however small it may be. This notice provides a detailed explanation about the information we host online and the choices and practices you are entitled to.

Some of our web pages may ask or prompt you to fill up your basic details for materializing the deal. However, any information that you give us, including your name, address of residence, email ID and phone number, shall not be compromised by us.

Our Word
We assure you that we will not sell, release or rent any of your personal details to any individual or organization outside the Exhibitors Voice organization. We are committed to keeping the details of all our clients and customers private. The details you share shall remain between you and us. As per our knowledge, no third party individual, website, organization or app has access to any of these confidential data belonging to our clients and customers.

Credit Card Details
Exhibitors Voice provides abundant marketing policies to its clients. However, Exhibitors Voice has no such policy that requires your sensitive data, including your credit card details. Some forms and links present on our website may ask you for your personal information. However, these personal details are limited to name, date of birth, email address, residential address, phone number and ID proof.

None of the links or forms hosted on our website will ask you for your credit card details. If you come across any such scenarios, refrain from sharing your sensitive data or information, especially your credit card details.


In such scenarios, contact us regarding the same at the earliest. Our team will do the needful.

External Sites
We believe in getting more and more people to take benefit of the services we provide. As promotional ventures, you may come across links to videos external on our website. We do not undertake the responsibility for these videos. Exhibitors Voice shall not be held responsible in case of the misuse of such external links and videos. However, and as evident as it is, we claim responsibility for all the contents hosted by us on our website, including texts, videos, infographics, images, and illustrations but nothing else besides these.

To put it in simple words, a cookie is a collection of data texts used for identification purposes worldwide. Each time you visit the website of Exhibitors Voice, we identify you from the cookie stored in our database. Cookies do not contain any personal data. Neither does Exhibitors Voice consume any of your details using cookies. However, some third party websites may use cookies to know you and your choice better. That is how you see news feeds based on your recent searches.

Collection of Data
Exhibitors Voice automatically collects some non-personal data for identification purposes only. It includes data but is not limited to the time when you visit our website, the frequency of your visits, the type of browser you use each time you visit, the operating system used by your device, and the details of your Internet Service Provider.

Internet has its Risks.
Exhibitors Voice strives hard to keep client details confidential. We refrain from exchanging client details with any third person. The data we collect is essential information, including the name, residential address, email ID, and phone number. We give our best to protect all your information. However, we cannot commit to the security of any sensitive information you share with Exhibitors Voice. It would be best to take responsibility when you share sensitive data such as passwords and login information.

Moreover, specific sites that you are redirected to from the website of Exhibitors Voice have their privacy policies. Make sure you go through their privacy policies and terms and conditions before sharing information with them, as they may have a different policy from that of Exhibitors Voice. We do not claim responsibility for any of their actions or policies. In case of query, kindly reach out to those suppliers/vendors separately.

The Disclaimer Policy
The website of Exhibitors Voice is meant for promotional purposes only. It is a sponsored website that is completely controlled, managed, and operated by the Exhibitors Voice organization. For any related queries, you can drop us an email or simply ring us up.

We accept compensation from companies and various organizations. Products, event tickets, and services are some of the forms of compensation that we accept. We shall continue receiving compensation until mentioned otherwise.

Our website’s content includes texts, images, marquees, infographics, animations, and links that redirect traffic to another page. Our intention is knowledge sharing. Hence, we post content serving this purpose of knowledge sharing. The compensation that we receive from various companies and organizations may or may not influence our host’s content.

We duly note that we have clients from several walks of life, each with their unique purpose, interest and understanding. However, to the best of our knowledge, the content that we host on our website does not have the potential to trigger a conflict of interest between our clients and us and between one or more clients.

If you come across any captions, quotes, product claims, statistics, and any form of representation, kindly verify the originality with the manufacturer, party of interest or the service provider in question. We shall resolve your query only if the quotes, captions, product claims, statistics and representations belong exclusively to the organization of Exhibitors Voice.

Exhibitors Voice holds the copyright to all the contents hosted on its website, including but not limited to texts, images, infographics, animations, videos and marquees. Some of the content belongs to a third party individual, website, organization, or an app and its respective contributor. Any discrepancy found in these terms is subject to prosecution.

Lastly, Exhibitors Voice will never contact you using your personal details. You can always request us for a call back in case of any queries.