After Success in 2023, the Largest B2B Exhibition in Southeast Asiafor Solar PV, Energy Storage, Lighting and Smart Home IndustriesReturns in 2024

Indonesia, which is located on the equator, has very abundant solar energy sources. 600
MegaWatt (MW) of its potential of 3,200 GigaWatt (GW) has been utilized, showing that there are
still plenty of rooms for further development in the future. Solar Energy Power Plants (PLTS) are
one of the government’s efforts to utilize solar energy sources in Indonesia, both floating PLTS and
rooftop PLTS.
The Directorate General of New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (EBTKE) said that
floating PLTS is targeted to reach 14.7 GW at 259 dam points and 74.67 GW at 36 PLTA reservoir
points, while rooftop PLTS is targeted to reach 1,800 MW in 2024 and 2,270 MW in 2025. The
floating and rooftop solar PV programs are expected to reduce emissions by 39.68 million tons
and 5.4 million tons of CO2e respectively.
The aim of utilizing solar energy sources is to achieve Net Zero Emission (NZE) by 2060. Therefore,
to realize NZE in 2060, the government through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources
(ESDM) is targeting the use of energy-saving Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps for street lighting in
all regions in Indonesia.
The use of LED lights itself can provide various benefits including energy savings, longer lamp life,
and reduced long-term operational costs. It is hoped that this significant development in the
utilization of energy sources in Indonesia will attract foreign and domestic investors to jointly join
in developing the latest technology in their field. Support does not only come from the
government and BUMN, GEM Indonesia, as one of the Exhibition Organizers in Indonesia, is taking
part in realizing NZE in 2060.
After success in 2023, GEM Indonesia presents again Solartech Indonesia, Smart Home+IoT, and
INALIGHT by presenting leading global companies, including PLN Nusantara Power, Huayao PV,
Atelier Solar, Gotion, Apollo Solar Indonesia, JJ-Lapp, Solis, Hexing, Livoltek, RePower, MKOPTO,
AE Solar, Damai Cable, Boamax, Bluetti, Goodwe, Ecoflow, ATW Solar, Aviation Electrical and more
than 800 other exhibitors.
By holding exhibitions in the fields of Solar PV, Energy Storage, Lighting and Smart Home, GEM
Indonesia has succeeded in making the exhibition the largest B2B International exhibition in
Southeast Asia in its field. This exhibition will be held on 6-8 March 2024 at JIExpo Kemayoran,
Jakarta – Indonesia, targeted to be visited by more than 25,000 visitors.
The exhibition also received support from the Directorate General of Small and Medium
Industries, Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, Directorate General of New
Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources as well as
several associations, including APAMSI, APERLINDO, APTIKNAS, ALINDO, AKLI, APPLE, GAPENDO,
Jakarta, 18 February 2024
Marketing Communication
GEM Indonesia

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