7 Video Marketing Tips For Better SEO

The popularity of video as a marketing format has been on the rise since 2016. From Facebook posts to Facebook Live, the use of video continues to increase, and it has proven to be effective for higher SEO rankings. Video marketing is visually appealing and provides more opportunities for interaction with audiences on websites and social media platforms.

According to HubSpot, 79% of people would rather watch a video to learn about a product than read text on a page, a significant increase from the previous year. Therefore, having a video marketing strategy in place is crucial to achieve your business goals and capitalize on customer engagement opportunities. Video marketing is expected to dominate in 2017.

Here are some video marketing tips to improve your SEO rankings:


Use a relevant and visually appealing thumbnail for your videos. This is the first thing that catches viewers’ attention and entices them to click on your video.

Use Relevant Content:

Include content in your videos that is relevant to your audience’s needs and preferences. Instead of being pushy, focus on convincing them to watch your video by creating an emotional connection. The content should be solution-oriented and engaging to make it more clickable.

Video Broadcasting:

Interactive videos that create offline and online connections are gaining importance. Marketers use such videos to grab their audience’s attention, drive website traffic, and increase revenues. Live broadcasting of seminars, events, and talk shows through platforms like Periscope or YouTube can be beneficial. Posting conference videos also helps maintain connections with those who couldn’t attend physically. This significantly improves SEO rankings by boosting the visibility of your videos in Google results. HubSpot Bold Talks is a great example of broadcasting seminars.

Make it Shareable:

If customers find your videos unique and valuable, they are likely to share them within their social circles, creating new links, connections, and recommendations for your brand. These shareable videos play a crucial role in nurturing prospects into leads and moving customers further along the sales funnel. GoPro is a notable example of user-generated video promotion.

Host the Video on Your Own Domain:

While multiple platforms are used to promote videos, hosting them on your own domain can boost traffic to your website. Sharing or embedding the video on your website ensures that your product and brand receive the credit, while protecting users from unnecessary advertisements that may appear before the actual video.

Embed Video:

When hosting a video on your site, enable users to embed the video on their own platforms, linking back to your webpage. This creates more inbound links, significantly increasing website traffic and improving SEO rankings.

Video Transcript:

For descriptive videos, including a transcription of the visual content in a description box or an HTML page is essential. This not only helps users get an overview of the content but also improves search engine results through the use of keywords.

In summary, creating high-quality and relevant content is key to successful video marketing. By implementing the aforementioned tips in your video marketing strategy, you can increase views and improve SEO results.