The Stalwarts of Event Management: Part-3 IQPC

To stand firm within the industry, you have to develop connections; you have to deepen the roots and reach of your contacts – In the corporate world, this is deemed as Networking. Networking is crucial to growing any business. To succeed and enjoy long-lasting benefits, you must engage with your network and become a part of your network’s network. The stronger the networking, the better are your business prospects.

Networking involves various types of gatherings like event parties, corporate meetings, topical seminars, conferences and much more. As easy as it sounds, there is a lot of effort that goes into arranging for these types of gatherings. A lot of investment in terms of skilled workforce and time is required. To ease off this burden from your shoulders, IQPC comes to your rescue.

About IQPC

IQPC is a B2Bevent management company that has its presence worldwide and has partnered with several businesses in over forty industries so far. Organizing an event with IQPC’s aid will give you a networking audience of over 1 million! IQPC understands its client needs thoroughly. They are the go-to source for conducting any online or offline events for businesses across an extensive range of industries and professions.

IQPC strives hard to enable companies to share their business concepts with their target audience in the best possible way. The success of the events and the positive response from the customers has enabled IQPC to conduct as many as two thousand seminars, webinars, conferences and online events each year. IQPC has a robust digital presence that spreads over nineteen communities. It uses digital tools to deepen its connectivity such that the customers enjoy a satisfying experience. Customers are privileged to choose their field of interest, and IQPC ensures that they connect with some of the best delegates in that particular field.

How does IQPC work?

Be it any business, being future-ready is the key. As a businessman, you must know the essentials to run a business smoothly and be prepared for the worse. Knowing what to do is crucial but, learning how to do determines your future. Knowing how to go about things and sustaining the challenges in the long run in the game are the true qualities of a futuristic businessman.

Customers approach IQPC seeking solutions to their relevant problems. IQPC provides them with solutions that have been tried, tested and have a rich history of serving the purpose. Over the years, this procedure of trial, error and testing has given IQPC an edge over its competitors. With such expertise, any business that approaches IQPC is bound to grow in its performance and productivity.

For IQPC customer satisfaction is a priority – It ensures that all its customers interact with it with utmost ease. Following this ideology, IQPC provides its customers with a 365-days interaction service. It is the digital connectivity and social media presence that has enabled IQPC in doing so.

How is IQPC different from its peers?

The nineteen online communities belonging to IQPC consist of customers, delegates and sponsors. IQPC integrates access methodology to several sought after online events, promotional ventures, e-newsletters, infographics, short videos, research papers and e-journals. Moreover, IQPC invites experts to discuss their strategies and gameplays. The experts share their insights that are useful to tackle real-world scenarios. In a nutshell, the events that IQPC organizes provide informational tips &tricks that can be applied to tackle most real-world situational problems.

Before inviting industry experts, IQPC does extensive research – The speaking panel is chosen based on their approaches in the past. IQPC makes sure that it associates with the top player in every domain. So far, all the members have been industry experts with rich experiential knowledge and expertise in their domain. Some of the notable keynotes of IPQC have been:

  • Raymond Ray Kurzweil- American author, inventor, futurist and computer scientist.
  • Jack Welch- Former CEO and Chairman of General Electric.
  • General Colin Powel- Retired US Secretary of State.
  • Tony Hsieh- CEO, Zappos.
  • Barbara Corcoran- Chairman and CE, Barbara Corcoran Inc.
  • Robert Herjavec- CEO and Founder of Herjavec Group.

Several areas, including Dubai’s oil and gas events, autonomous vehicular events in Germany, corporate teaching and learning exchanges in Tampa, CX summits of Singapore and digital disruption events in Australia, have been covered by IQPC. Time and again, a discussion of information and expertise has benefitted those associated with IQPC.

What does an IQPC event have in store for you?

Let’s look at some reasons why attending an online or offline IQPC event is beneficial for you:

  1. Well organized conferences:The organizers of conferences have been in the industry for quite some time now. They know what exactly they are doing, and thoroughly understand the demands of the corporates. They are in touch with the best bet of the industry you are looking to excel in. They design conferences based on their rich knowledge of the delegates and the field of interest.
  2. Partnerships with some of the leading publications:IQPC has tie-ups with some of the leading publications in the world. It has thrivingpartnerships with notable publishing houses, including Harvard Business Review and Sloan Management Review of MIT fame. Such professional relationships add significant value to customer participation.
  3. ‘Concrete against testing’ applications:IQPC is the one-stop destination for technical assistance, powerful tools and fail-safe methodologies. When customers approach IQPC, they are guided by experts who serve them with the relevant solutions to their requirements. Their expertise and guidance are sure-fire solutions leading to the success and profitability of businesses. Such an approach makes IQPC stand out amongst its peers.

Event formats at IQPC

IQPC offers four different event formats. Based on your choice (online or offline mode) and convenience, you can book yourself a slot in any of the following formats:

  1. Virtual events:The virtual events hosted by IQPC are insightful webinars. These webinars promote growth through learning and skill-building. You can access these webinars at the comforts of your home, office or backyard. You need not worry about re-scheduling your dates or travel hassles, or accommodation. Just sit back, relax and let their virtual events help you accumulate essential insights on building your brand.
  2. Conferences:IQPC conducts conferences that offer you the privilege to share afruitful environment with experts from around the world from whom you can learn about everything that is required for business growth and development. You can ask questions and initiate discussions in the provided interactive conferences.
  3. Exhibitions:IQPC conducts exhibitions that attract industry experts and professionals who will add value to your brand or business. These exhibitions serve as a common ground for buyers and sellers. Sellers get an opportunity to showcase their products and receive direct feedback from their prospectus customers.
  4. Exchanges:Exchanges promote information sharing via presentations, business meets, and networking. IQPC brings customers and global business icons together and facilitates events that help them exchange their ideas and innovations. Some of these exchanges’ features are- one-on-one interaction, master classes, social activities, and panel discussions.

IQPC helps you become increasingly productive and do justice to your business. It is a platform that connects you with similar and like-minded people, only to help you grow more. You can interact with industry experts and stay connected with them for their guidance as and when needed – As a business owner, what else do you need?